Up your squatting game with the latest launch from Eleiko

Eleiko, the market leader in strength and conditioning equipment, has announced its newly updated Classic and Light Squat Stands.

The squat is a foundation for strength and explosiveness. Eleiko’s newly updated Classic and Light Squat Stands have added key features to increase the versatility of your training – and master this strength training staple. The new squat stands are crafted in Halmstad, Sweden from high quality Swedish steel and designed with the lifter in mind to deliver a long-lasting piece of equipment ready to perform in the toughest of training environments.

The updated Eleiko Classic Squat Stand is a versatile 3-in-1 piece that supports squats, bench presses and dips – all in one adjustable compact station. It features distinctive details such as polyurethane rollers to protect the knurling and support positioning adjustments, and the signature Eleiko knurling on adjustment pins and knobs. Generous dip handles with adjustable width and height features make the Classic Squat Stand a feature-packed staple for both home gyms and training facilities.

The Eleiko Light Squat Stand is a streamlined version of the Classic Squat Stand, focusing on providing the essentials you need to optimise your squat. The stand features polyurethane rollers, ergonomic knurled adjustment pins and knobs, and numbered height adjustments for even positioning.

Eleiko offer a wide variety of equipment in order to get the perfect home gym up and running. Along with the new squat stands, why not look at incorporating the Eleiko XF Bar, Loadable Dumbbell Set Vulcano and the Eleiko Sport Training Plates. The classic and light squat stands are available for £947 and can be purchased via the Eleiko website: shop.eleiko.com/en-gb/