Pains Wessex launches new sustainable flare refill packs

Pains Wessex, the world leader of pyrotechnic marine rescue distress signals – part of the globally renowned Wescom Group – announces the launch of its industry-first, sustainable, and cost-effective flare packs.


Available for the brand’s Inshore Flare Pack, the Coastal Flare Pack and the Offshore Flare Pack, the sustainably-driven product upgrade provides customers the option to purchase flare packs without the inclusion of a plastic polybottle. Instead, the packs can be purchased with a 100% sustainable, eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable reinforced paper bag with the same expected pyrotechnics.


Polybottles are rugged, water-resistant storage bottles that carry flares when onboard at sea, so distress signals can be easily retrieved in an emergency situation. Due to their buoyancy and waterproofness, polybottles are often made of plastic-based material, with a much longer lifespan, in comparison to flares that are sold with up to 4 years’ service life*. This new solution not only combats unnecessary waste of plastic polybottles, but ensures a sustainable circle of habit for flare owners, with the handy, fit-for-purpose refill bag to return any previous flares for safe disposal.


This new offering from Pains Wessex presents customers with a more cost-effective option when buying new flares, with a cost saving from original flare pack purchase price – which includes a polybottle. Each pack will still include the required or recommended smokes, handflares and parachute rockets.


Pains Wessex Sales Executive, Ally Ogg, comments, “Pyrotechnic flares are the most globally recognised method of alerting a distress situation at sea, and the most effective form of visual location marking in search and rescue operations. It is sensible that they are safely stored in polybottles onboard, but we realise that the polybottle does not need to be replaced every few years, it can be reused again – unlike out-of-date flares.


“As part of our company-wide approach to making our products and business more sustainable, this product upgrade gives our customers a more eco-friendly alternative when purchasing their pyrotechnics. We have listened to feedback from our partners and customers around the world and are confident this will make a difference to their options, their finances and to our planet.”


Pains Wessex’s new flare refill packs will be available from April onwards and in-store via Wescom Group’s distributor, Lalizas’ well-established network.


The sustainable paper bag is not designed for stowing pyrotechnics onboard, it is purely as a means of transport from the shop to the ship or home. However, it can be used to return old, out of date pyrotechnics to be responsibly disposed of.**


As part of Wescom Group’s commitment to saving lives, the brand has published a myth-busting pyrotechnic flare animation, dispelling misinformation about flares derived from common false information. Watch them here:



Wescom Group, which is headquartered in Draycott, Derbyshire, manufactures the Pains Wessex, Comet, Aurora and Oroquieta brands and is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of SOLAS, MED and USCG-approved pyrotechnic marine distress signals to the commercial and leisure marine markets. As a manufacturer of lifesaving products, Wescom Group is committed to safety, quality, and reliability.


For more information about Pains Wessex, please visit www.painswessex.com.

For more information about Wescom Group, please visit www.wescom-group.com.