Red Devils to wow Miami Air & Sea Show with Wescom Defence ParaSmoke

The famous British Army Red Devils Parachute Regiment team is set to wow crowds at the Miami Air & Sea Show with a spectacular free fall display featuring Wescom Defence ParaSmoke.


The Red Devils plan to use Wescom Defence ParaSmoke during the May show in its eye-catching Team Demonstrations, featuring the Chain of Smoke freefall descent, in which a team member displays a line of coloured smoke.


The Hyundai Air & Sea Show from 29-30 May, at Miami Beach, is dubbed The Greatest Show Above the Earth. The audience will be in socially distant seats.


David Griffiths, Wescom Defence’s Vice-President – Defence Sales, says, “We are delighted to support the Red Devils by providing Wescom Defence ParaSmoke. The military relies on pyrotechnic products provided by Wescom Defence for obscuring, day and night-time position marking, to indicate wind direction, for communications and signalling and in search and rescue operations, thanks to our unrivalled reputation for technical innovation, expertise and reliability.”


Wescom, which is headquartered in the UK, designs, manufactures and supplies high-quality Class 1.1-1.4 energetic material and pyrotechnics in the UK, Germany and Spain.

The company has a long history in the defence market and is the supplier of choice for specialist pyrotechnic signalling & illumination, training & simulation and obstacle clearance products.


For more information about Wescom Defence, please visit https://www.wescomdefence.com/.