WesCom Signal and Rescue distributor joins the Singapore Association Shipsuppliers and Services Council

WesCom Signal and Rescue’s distributor in Singapore, Safety Innovators, is proud to announce its Business Development Manager has been appointed onto the Singapore Association Shipsuppliers and Services (SASS) Council.

Yanming Bay, Business Development Manager at Safety Innovators, was recognised and voted to join the council for her commitment to the industry and work within her company. Yanming will be supporting the association with several of the upcoming initiatives – including improving the digitalisation of the industry.

Yanming comments, “I got involved in SASS because I wanted to inspire more women in a traditionally male-dominated industry. I also believe that the marine and shipping industry needs to catch up with other sectors, particularly with regards to the adoption of new technologies. The marine industry is behind in terms of automation and digitalisation, so this is a particular focus for me.”

The Council has already recognised the need to improve the digitalisation of the industry, and for the last year has been working on an industry study with the Marine Port Authority of Singapore, an Industry RoundTable on Efficiency 4.0, and a Masterclass in Digital Transformation – Fast Value from 4.0 Data Analytics.

In association with the SASS Council, Yanming will also be working with the marine port authorities to improve the standards and quality of products supplied within the marine industry – something she particularly passionate about through her company’s work with WesCom Signal and Recue.


Safety Innovators is a leading supplier of safety, life-saving and firefighting equipment in Singapore, operating since 1987. The company has been a supplier of Pains Wessex for approximately 20 years. Fairly recently, we have included Comet pyrotechnics into our family of products as well. We stand by the importance of quality products particularly when seafarer’s lives depend on it.

For more information about SASS: www.sass.org.sg/about-us/history/ and for more information about Safety Innovators, please visit: www.safetyinnovators.com.

For further information about WesCom Signal and Rescue, please visit: www.wescomsignal.com.