Explore the oceans with YOTHA: innovative charter platform launches for a new generation of charterers and sophisticated adventurers

As the Mediterranean gears up for summer season and temperatures are set to soar, charterers can now use YOTHA to create their ultimate vacation experience. The new, innovative online platform and On-Board mobile app have just launched. Charterers already have almost 40 luxury yachts to choose from and, using the latest technology, can design their perfect charter break.



Seamless technology to create your unique luxury experience

Established in Monaco, YOTHA brings digitalisation to the charter industry, thanks to its global interactive online and mobile services. Designed to help charterers, owners, captains and brokers work together to get the best and fairest deals, YOTHA’s objective is to make chartering simple.

Philippe Bacou, owner of YOTHA, says, “YOTHA leverages digital technology to offer a new yacht charter experience. Navigating the charter market can be complicated even if you are a seasoned adventurer. We want to help open up the market with a focus on simplicity and fairness. With YOTHA, the dream vacation becomes easily accessible to a new generation of yacht charter clients. We want to work closely with other yachting professionals to encourage more people to charter yachts. We’ve created YOTHA to expand the range of exceptional classic and contemporary, sail and power vessels that charterers can access.

“With the combination of a highly experienced team, exceptional partners and a 24/7 customer care department, offering personalisation is our objective. YOTHA charterers benefit from direct access to the captain and crew’s wealth of knowledge.”

YOTHA offers state-of-the-art tools to help choose your perfect yacht. Real time availability, 360° virtual tours, high definition pictures and detailed descriptions make selection easy. Moreover, the charterer and owner can also negotiate directly through the platform.

YOTHA does not only facilitate booking, but also the journey on-board thanks to its exclusive On-Board app. Captains are formally notified of their guests’ booking requests and preferences weeks before departure. Guests can create tailor-made itineraries and activities including access to partner Quintessentially’s luxury concierge services. At the end of the charter, guests can complete the digital “livre d’or” which will enhance other guests’ comments for a better evaluation of each yacht.

 More than YOTHA – When excellence attracts excellent partners

YOTHA has created the best tool for comprehensive charter management from A to Z. YOTHA strives to deliver enchantment to its clients and cooperates exclusively with the best partners in each specialty.

The YOTHA spirit is to create a community of owners, charterers and partners aiming at excellence, recognizing it is the quality of the service that creates the ultimate charter experience rather than the size, and therefore the price, of the yacht.

To find out more about YOTHA visit www.yotha.com