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ADPR’s ultimate guide to blogging

While paid advertising and social media play vital roles in your marketing strategy, owning your media channels has never been more crucial. It's the power of owned media that truly sets your brand apart, establishing trust, authority, and long-term relationships with your audience. At the heart of owned media lies blogging—a dynamic platform that should serve as the cornerstone of your content marketing strategy. But why is blogging such a key ingredient in today's digital landscape?

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Why PR is perfect for limited budgets

Running a business is no easy task, you’ll often be faced with limited time, resources and budget. However, you need to put yourself out there as much as possible in order to generate leads and bring in new customers or you won’t be able to make a significant return on investment! There is a misconception that PR means big glitzy events and campaigns that cost the earth, but the truth is PR can be activated across a variety of budgets and can (and should!) be used by businesses of all sizes!

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What is PR?

PR is an area that is often misunderstood, so we're going right back to basics to iron out exactly what we mean by Public Relations (PR) and what the differences are between PR and advertising.

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