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Client: Haseltine Lake

Going social

Social media training to take control of own accounts.

The Challenge

ADPR manages the social media platforms for Haseltine Lake, however the Attorneys do not support this activity through their own professional profiles (EG on LinkedIn). The Patent Attorneys at Haseltine Lake did not feel confident using social media for business purposes and to share the fantastic work happening at the European firm, so ADPR developed and implemented a series of social media training sessions to give them the tools to feel empowered to make the most of these platforms. In addition, ADPR also created handy guides for the Attorneys to refer back to after the sessions and ensured the delegates were using and maximising the social channels with regular check in points.
ADPR PR Agency | Creating & Delivering Strategic Communications

"The training sessions were really valuable for the Patent Attorneys and trainees at Haseltine Lake. It was useful for them to understand the work is that ADPR is doing and the sessions helped to ensure the team has credible and professional profiles, especially on LinkedIn."

Eva Kapp, Marketing Manager, Haseltine Lake

The Solution

In order to overcome the attorney’s concerns when it came to social media, ADPR devised and delivered a series of training workshops with a particular focus on LinkedIn as the most appropriate social media channel for the target group. These were delivered to between four and six staff at each time to ensure the training was tailored and personal. This allowed the groups plenty of time and opportunity to discuss the challenges they face, and allowed ADPR to support the Attorneys with personal recommendations and advice.

To ensure the Attorneys remain confident in using social media platforms, ADPR provide ongoing support with any social media questions and check-in with the Attorneys at regular intervals to trouble shoot any problems or concerns they may have.

The Results

More than 20 Attorneys attended the various training sessions.
Attorneys updated their LinkedIn profiles in the sessions, with 1:1 support.
Attorneys commented that they feel more comfortable using the platform and will make the conscious effort to continue using
Detailed, individual recommendations were created and delivered to each attendee during the session
Follow up contact made to ensure platforms were being used and maximised


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ADPR PR Agency | Creating & Delivering Strategic Communications

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