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How to work with an agency for a product launch

Having worked with B2B and B2C companies to successfully launch new products or update existing product lines, we know that it can sometimes feel like there are lots of individual elements that companies know need to be integrated but there are time and cost pressures, test and manufacturing processes and internal processes that often make product launches more complex than anticipated.

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Whether launching a new product to market or updating existing product lines, successful and targeted communication at the right time with your key audiences is essential. There is a cost balance to strike as when to engage an agency. Early engagement can bring additional value to the project management of the launch, as communication agencies can often share additional insights as well as the best way to communicate the benefits of your product. This could range from competitor analysis and industry benchmarking, to brand development and market research with target audiences.

Using a communication agency as your strategic partner can help bring a wider perspective and keep your commercial objectives on track.

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Successful product launches keep the focus on the people not the product. This includes having a strategy for internal communications with your staff about the development and its importance, consulting and keeping distributors or suppliers updated about changes and what it means for their business. Framing communications activity on how your product will help solve your customers’ problems and fit into their life will help drive cut-through.

Keeping your communications agency in the loop with timing changes and developments is critical, as is building significant contingency in to the strategy. This is especially important if there is a fixed launch date, to ensure that activity can be adjusted appropriately.

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Your communications team will often have questions and observations that journalists and consumers will ask and this can help inform and improve project elements from package design and website functionality to pre-ordering approach and identification of influencers.

Having early support and advice can help to bring product launches together to give you the best chance of sales success.

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