Daniamant unveils its new DAME-Award nominated lifejacket light and latest life-saving innovations at this year’s METSTRADE

Leading marine safety equipment manufacturer, Daniamant, is proud to announce the unveiling of the 2023 DAME Award nominated Dan W3 POLAR, along with a suite of new products at this year’s METSTRADE.


At the show, Daniamant will be showcasing its recently launched products for the first time – the Dan W3 POLAR, L90 LED Lifebuoy Light and ODEO SOS Electronic Flare. The Dan W3 POLAR Lifejacket Light has been nominated for the prestigious METSTRADE DAME Design Awards 2023, in the ‘personal equipment’ category. Complementing the latest innovations, Daniamant will present its range of industry-leading products at the show, including the W4 and Forward-Looking Sonar 3D, displayed on stand 01.704 from 15 -17 November 2023.

Designed specifically for Arctic waters, Daniamant is proud to present its latest lifejacket light innovation – Dan W3 POLAR. The lifejacket light’s development sets a new industry benchmark, providing reliable efficiency and optimal performance, whilst ensuring enhanced safety for crew members and passengers undertaking Arctic voyages.


The live-saving lifejacket light features enhanced cold weather performance, specifically engineered for storage flawlessly in freezing temperatures as low as -52 degrees Celsius, ensuring illumination and high visibility in the most extreme of Arctic conditions.   Dan W3 POLAR exceeds all requirements outlined by the International Maritime Organisation’s Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) standards regulations, providing full compliance and adherence to international safety standards.  The light is designed for exceptional visibility, enhancing the chances of detection in emergency situations. Daniamant’s automatic lifejacket light, the W4 model, will also be available for demonstration on the stand; the low-profile light is an alkaline-powered equivalent to the W3.


Another new development from Daniamant, the ODEO SOS Electronic Flare will be showcased on-stand. Featuring a high-intensity strobe light that emits the internationally recognised SOS Morse signal. Certified to meet the stringent requirements of the US Coast Guard (USCG), the electronic flare is a suitable alternative to pyrotechnic flares in countries including the USA. The ODEO SOS is also approved as a nighttime visual distress signal with a nine-hour lifespan, boasting three hours more visibility than the USCG’s requirements of six-hour illumination. Furthermore, when used with the orange distress flag (provided at purchase), the ODEO SOS satisfies daytime visual distress signal requirements set out by the USCG.  In US waters, boaters can use the ODEO SOS in place of pyrotechnic flares on vessels up to 65 feet in length and in areas within twelve miles of US waters, bodies of water with a passage to the sea of at least two miles wide or the Great Lakes. For vessels under sixteen feet, while the distress flag is not obligatory, the ODEO SOS still stands as a vital nighttime visual distress signal.



Designed with the environment in mind, the new L90 LED Lifebuoy Light is Daniamant’s latest development, featuring a modern alkaline battery with LED technology. Proven to be safer for the environment and to comply with the new EU legislative directive preventing the import and export of mercury and mercury containing products, Daniamant’s innovation removes the need for mercury switch releases and can be freely imported and exported without restrictions within the EU. The L90 LED light is a non-hazardous lifebuoy light alternative to mercury, providing benefits of safer disposal, without compromising on performance.


Also displayed on Daniamant’s stand at METSTRADE is the brand’s Forward-Looking Sonar (FLS) 3D. The three-dimensional representation provides a visualisation of the underwater seabed ahead of the boat, meaning seabed terrain and potential hazards are shown in real time. The FLS 3D comes with twin transducers to ensure complete forward coverage, comprisable to any hull form. The view ahead is 60-degrees in the horizontal plane, and 90-degrees in the vertical plane, with the product’s forward range of up to 100metres depth. The vital Forward Looking Sonar technology provides improved depth to range ratio of x20 – the best of its kind and an impressive industry-first – meaning users can see 100meters ahead with only five meters of water underneath the vessel, with the display updated every one second.


Kevin Rough, CEO at Daniamant comments, “We are excited to showcase our latest product innovation, the DAME Design Award 2023 nominated Dan W3 POLAR Lifejacket Light, which will be available for demonstration on the stand at this year’s METSTRADE. Following a year of industry-leading advancements, our team of experts will be introducing Daniamant’s breadth of new developments at the show, including the ODEO SOS Electronic Flare, L90 LED Lifebuoy Light and Forward-Looking Sonar 3D, joined by our renowned product lines. We look forward to welcoming back valued industry colleagues and customers to our stand, number 01.704!”


To book a meeting with Anders Rasmussen, Sales Director at Daniamant or Frederik Graves, Sales and Marketing Manager at Daniamant at METSTRADE, please contact daniamant@adpr.co.uk to schedule a slot.


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