Daniamant’s Dan W3 POLAR Lifejacket Light nomination for the DAME Award 2023

Leading marine safety equipment manufacturer, Daniamant, is proud to announce its new Dan W3 POLAR Lifejacket Light has been nominated for the prestigious DAME Design Awards 2023, in the ‘personal equipment’ category at this year’s METSTRADE.




The Dan W3 POLAR, designed specifically for arctic voyages, has been shortlisted for its world-first development of a fully SOLAS wheel-mark type approved lifejacket light, for storage at temperatures down to -52 degrees Celsius – coining another global industry innovation.

The newly developed lifejacket light sets a new industry benchmark, providing reliable efficiency and optimal performance, whilst ensuring enhanced safety for crew members and passengers undertaking Arctic and other cold climate voyages. For all voyages operating in Arctic, Antarctic and general cold waters, from cruises to commercial ships, it is now possible to provide increased personal safety by installing the W3 Polar on on-board lifejackets.


The life-saving lifejacket light features enhanced cold weather performance, specifically engineered for storage flawlessly in freezing temperatures as low as -52 degrees Celsius and ensuring illumination and high visibility when operating in the most extreme of Arctic conditions.


Developed in line with Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) standards, Dan W3 POLAR not only meets but exceeds all the requirements outlined by the International Maritime Organisation’s SOLAS regulations, providing full compliance and adherence to international safety standards.


The light is designed for exceptional visibility, enhancing the chances of detection in emergency situations. Constructed using robust materials and advanced sealing techniques, the lifejacket light is highly durable and water-resistant. To further guarantee successful performance in harsh maritime environments, the Dan W3 POLAR features extended battery life, for prolonged illumination over extended periods.


Arctic expeditions present unique challenges and require specialised equipment that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Recognising the importance of providing reliable safety solutions for maritime operations in these challenging environments, Daniamant has invested significant resources into research and development to create a lifejacket light that exceeds industry standards.


Kevin Rough, CEO at Daniamant. “We are delighted to receive the news that our new product development, the Dan W3 POLAR Lifejacket Light, has been nominated for this year’s DAME Design Awards. The Daniamant team are dedicated to the development of life-saving solutions that address the unique safety challenges faced by boaters operating in Arctic waters. Introducing a global-first, the SOLAS approved lifejacket light is tested to provide unmatched safety and peace of mind to crew members and passengers navigating extreme temperatures and demanding conditions. We eagerly await the final announcement of DAME Award winners at METSTRADE 2023!”


To book a meeting with Anders Rasmussen, Sales Director at Daniamant please contact daniamant@adpr.co.uk.


The new SOLAS approved lifejacket light is available for commercial purchase. For more information, pricing and distribution enquiries, please visit: www.daniamant.com or contact Daniamant’s sales department: +45 47 37 38 00.


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