Digital Taunton urges local community to support plans for new Digital Innovation Centre

The region’s fastest growing community, Digital Taunton, has joined forces with Somerset West and Taunton Council to host a live webinar, unveiling the conceptual plans and vision for the town’s first Digital Innovation Centre, whilst urging the local community to get involved by submitting expressions of interest before the end of August.

Attended by more than 130 people, the webinar was hosted by Digital Taunton founders, Shane Griffiths and Jeremy Hyams, who were joined by project architect, Duncan Taylor from AWW, as well as Samantha Seddon and Mark Watham from Somerset West and Taunton Council and John Houlihan from Somerset County Council.

Set to revolutionise the Somerset business community, the Government has pledged £5.5 million towards a 3,000 square metre Digital Innovation Centre to be built on the zero-carbon former livestock market at Firepool in Taunton.

The building will be purposefully designed to support clean and productivity led growth, as well as high quality innovation and collaboration.

Featuring an amphitheatre, exhibition space, open collaborative work spaces, meeting room hire, a café/bar, open roof terrace area, hot desking and private workspaces, the venue will give people space and flexibility to innovate, interact, knowledge share and connect with other businesses and individuals.

Shane Griffiths says: “We have been overwhelmed by the response to the proposed Digital Innovation Centre. There is an interest and passion from the Taunton business community to make this happen! If the plans are approved it will provide a big boost to Taunton and its surrounding areas, but we need our community’s support to make it a reality.”

Jeremy Hyams comments: “The Digital Innovation Centre is absolutely key to making Taunton the digital capital of the south west. Its development will have a huge impact on the local area. It will ensure we can collaborate and develop better strategies for our businesses, as well as attracting and retaining talent in the area. The business community’s needs are being listened to and this is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to play their part in shaping the future.”

Somerset West and Taunton Council and Digital Taunton are requesting for people to submit their expressions of interest before the end of August. Expressions of interest are not legally binding and take just a couple of minutes to complete. Register your interest by clicking here .

To watch the webinar follow this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWNJdJsgDsA&t=506s

To view the plans https://www.dropbox.com/t/izRsG52YRfFguUwV