Eleiko launches new premium line of sleek weight benches for versatile strength training

Eleiko, the market leaders in strength and conditioning equipment, introduces its new premium line of weight benches.

Eleiko’s new line of benches includes an assortment of flat, adjustable, incline, decline and Olympic weight benches for performing a range of body weight and free weight exercises.

Weight benches are an important complement to free weight equipment and an essential piece for any well-equipped gym. Eleiko’s updated benches present a refined timeless profile that embodies the market-leading brand’s signature focus on design, quality, and craftsmanship. The performance, fit and function are rooted in professional sport with distinctive features that cater to the needs of the lifter and facility operator to improve the lifting experience.

Adjustable Bench

The Eleiko Adjustable Bench provides a solid foundation for a wide range of free weight exercises. The backrest can be adjusted to seven positions, from -10 decline to a 75-degree incline in 10-degree increments. The seat pad offers three positions from flat up to 30-degree incline in increments of 10 degrees.

Flat Bench

Eleiko’s Flat Bench is designed for seated and horizontal free weight and barbell exercises. A knurled handle and wheels allow for easy portability, but the bench also includes bolt down holes for added stability. The reimagined upholstery in the cushion design is longer lasting and easier to maintain while delivering comfortable support in a sleek design aligned to International Powerlifting Federation specifications.

Olympic Flat Bench

The Eleiko Olympic Flat Bench combines user friendly features with smart details to ensure safety and minimise maintenance, designed to perform a variety of bench press exercises from a flat bench position. The hooks feature built-in polyurethane rollers to protect the bar knurling and allow lifters to adjust the bar while loaded for optimal positioning.

Incline Bench

The Eleiko Olympic Incline Bench is used to develop upper body strength in an incline position. Designed with both the use and the facility in mind, the incline bench combines user-friendly features with smart details to ensure safety and minimise maintenance.

Olympic Decline Bench

Eleiko’s Olympic Decline Bench is designed for presses in a decline position and building upper body strength. The bench features ten height adjustments for the bar hooks so users can find a comfortable starting and ending position.

The new benches include innovative changes in the customisable positioning, introducing adjustable J-Cups in Eleiko’s Fitness Half Rack, with smooth rollers to ensure an optimal lift off is achieved at racking height for enhanced lifter performance and safety.

“A great bench should support your lifting without limiting your range of motion and enable you to continue improved lifting year after year!” said Erik Blomberg, Eleiko CEO. “From our years’ of experience, we have adapted our new lines of benches to reflect how a best-in-class bench should perform. Our line of benches includes improved adjustability and flexibility to get the perfect incline or decline for your presses. The reliable benches ensure a supported and safe lift achieving optimal results without the dreaded leg-wobble.”

View the new line of Eleiko benches: https://shop.eleiko.com/en-us/equipment/benches