Eleiko releases new hybrid bar designed for versatile strength training

Eleiko introduces a new barbell, the Eleiko Hybrid Bar. The Eleiko Hybrid Bar combines distinctive elements from weightlifting and powerlifting bars into a single, multipurpose bar for lifters and facilities where versatility is paramount.

The bar brings together a sleeve construction designed to balance the distinct rotational needs for weightlifting and powerlifting, a shaft tailored towards foundational strength lifts — squats, deadlifts and bench press, and a distinctive new proprietary corrosion resistant surface treatment.

“Our journey of bringing the ultimate lifting experience to more people continues,” said Erik Blomberg, Eleiko CEO. “With the new Eleiko Hybrid Bar, we have developed a distinct design that specifically caters to the way many people train for general health and fitness today. We considered training styles and environments, as well as bar specification and performance — leaning on our six-decade legacy within strength equipment — to create a bar purpose built to deliver versatility we think both fitness facilities and lifters at home will appreciate.”

As with all Eleiko bars, the Eleiko Hybrid Bar is crafted in Halmstad, Sweden from proprietary clean Swedish steel. The balanced knurling provides a grip appropriate for both explosive lifts and heavy loads at more moderate volumes. The bar has dustproof seals that prevent dirt from getting into the sleeve and affecting the lubrication and spin. The bearings and bushings ride on a separate inner race, rather than on the bar shaft itself, eliminating the wear and risk of sleeve malfunction and minimizes maintenance needs. The Eleiko Hybrid Bar is available in two versions, 15 kg (25 mm diameter) and 20 kg (28 mm diameter), both featuring centre knurling to support back squats and grip markings for both weightlifting and powerlifting.

A distinguishing feature of the Hybrid Bar is the new proprietary NCO surface treatment, giving the bar a dark, matte surface that is highly corrosion resistant. The surface treatment is very hard which also allows the knurling to retain its sharpness for a long time – making the Hybrid Bar well suited for garage gyms or heavy usage environments.