Helly Hansen’s Sailsafe Inflatable Race Life Jacket delivers safety and comfort even in extremely harsh and wet conditions

Leading global sailing brand, Helly Hansen, introduces its Sailsafe Inflatable Race Life Jacket (SRP £300) – a state-of-the-art ocean sailing piece for professional sailors to feel safe to push their boats to the limit even in the toughest conditions, without compromising on performance, comfort and mobility.


Developed with feedback from professional sailors, the Sailsafe Inflatable Race Life Jacket is ISO (12402-3) certified. It’s ergonomically designed to feel lightweight and flexible, and its close-to-body fit maximises comfort while still providing optimal freedom of movement. With an automatic Hammar® hydrostatic pressure inflation system, the life jacket will only inflate if submerged. This is ideal for ocean sailors as they are often faced with spray and extremely wet conditions, so they won’t have to worry that the life jacket will accidentally inflate.


The life jacket also comes with an ISO (12401) certified integrated deck harness, which features patented Sailsafe technology for an ergonomic fit, providing mobility and comfort even during long periods of use. Additional safety features of the life jacket include an ISO (12402-8) certified spray hood and an integrated SOLAS-rated automatic emergency light and reflectors.


Øyvind Vedvik, Vice President of Ski, Sailing and Research & Development at Helly Hansen, comments, “Over the years, the sport of sailing has continued to evolve, meaning more advanced, modern boats and higher speeds. It’s therefore imperative that we do what we can to keep professional sailors safe while still enabling them to push their boats and perform at the highest level.”


The Sailsafe Inflatable Race Life Jacket is available in-store and online at www.hellyhansen.com/en_gb.