Innovative 5912-DORSAL antenna from Shakespeare® Marine short-listed in DAME Awards

Renowned for being the industry’s most respected celebration around the world, the DAME Awards recognise the most innovative new products across the sector and highlight pioneering design developments across all disciplines.

Shakespeare® Marine has continued to research and innovate across its product range, kick-starting the Summer with its launch of the 5912-DORSAL VHF, and AIS antenna followed by the launch of the AM/FM antenna later in the year, specifically designed for coastal use applications for boats up to 15m. The 5912-DORSAL has been short-listed in this year’s “Marine electronics and marine-related software” category of the DAME Awards.

Developed with key feedback from boaters around the world and designed in-house by Shakespeare® Marine’s factory, the unique fin-shape of the antenna removes the chance of it getting snagged, whilst the durable outer material ensures a longer life span, particularly within harsh environments.

The 5912-DORSAL is manufactured in the UK and has a small profile, which can achieve impressive ranges of up to 10miles at 25Watts (W) or up to four miles with 1W. Advancing effectiveness in short-range installations, the structure and performance of the VHF and AIS antenna ensures reliable connectivity for short-range boating outings.

Providing customers with an electronic version of the 5912-DORSAL, the 5912-DS-ENT antenna is a receive-only antenna designed to cover 0.5-110Megahertz (MHz), the full AM/FM and FM radio bands – naturally resonant at 98MHz. Each unit is hand-tuned for optimisation and is designed with solid copper for increased reception over Printed Circuit antennas and improved performance. The heavy-duty, high-impact body with total water protection presents the impact resistance rating of IK08 third-party mechanical impact testing, to avoid accidental damage in close shore use – protected against 5Joules (J) of impact.

Dave Manasseh, European Sales Manager for Shakespeare Marine, comments, “We are delighted to have been shortlisted for a DAME Award for the 5912-DORSAL. We are very excited to be demonstrating our latest product innovation at the show – a first of its kind in the market. The innovative design delivers a fit-for-purpose option for ventures in small-scale boats, prevents snagging and is easy to retrofit or install onto new boats. The shortlist comes after our GALAXY-INFL8 DAME award win in 2018.”

The DAME Awards will be celebrated at the start of this year’s METSTRADE, with the winners being announced at the morning breakfast briefing on Tuesday 15 November 2022.

To find out more about Shakespeare® Marine’s new product and to meet the team to see 5912-DORSAL in action at the show, please contact: shakespeareantenna@adpr.co.uk to book a meeting.

Established in 1897, Shakespeare® Marine is a global antenna brand, which launched the world’s first inflatable emergency VHF antenna – the GALAXY INFL8. It has taken the industry by storm and is the proud recipient of seven awards, including the 2018 DAME award.

Find out more on the website: www.shakespeare-marine.com or www.smgeurope.com/shakespeare-5912-dorsal-vhf-antenna-8m-cable-0-1m-pack-of-3.html or contact the European offices via +44(0) 1253 858 787.