Orolia Maritime Showcases Latest Navigation Protection at Seatrade Cruise Global

~ 9-11 April 2019, Miami Beach Convention Centre, Booth 2350 ~

Orolia Maritime will showcase the SecureSync Maritime Navigation Protection System (M-SecureSync), a suite of technologies that detect and mitigate cyber-attacks on navigation systems on shore or on vessels, at this year’s Seatrade Cruise Global exhibition in Miami.

As the 2021 deadline for the IMO’s ‘Maritime Cyber Risk Management in Safety Management Systems’ mandate draws nearer, it is important that the entire vessel management ecosystem, from port coordination to critical bridge systems, includes protection of navigation by creating a resilient position and timing source detection and mitigation plan.

Orolia Maritime’s M-SecureSync employs various technologies to resist spoofing attacks, alert the bridge to discrepancies in the navigation signals and activate defence solutions. It offers modular layered protection that can be utilized as a stand-alone safety indicator or integrated into existing vessel navigation solutions.

  • Precision Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) sources for critical system comparison

M-SecureSync acts as a hub for three layers of navigational cyber security resilience for threats to critical GNSS signals. By providing an ultra-precise platform for multi-constellational GNSS timing sources that incorporates vulnerability scanning, both shore and vessel have a robust comparison source for existing navigation platforms.

  • Radio frequency analytics to detect signal discrepancies

By incorporating BroadShield, a complex radio frequency analysing algorithm software, M-SecureSync can detect interference, intentional jamming and advance spoofing signals that could weaken, block or compromise critical navigation signals. The platform can be attached to an Alarm Display Unit that indicates the reliability of the signal, from normal to disrupted. Allowing both bridge and onshore vessel management to recognise threats to navigation and take corrective action.

  • Alternative encrypted navigation sources 1000x stronger than GPS

M-SecureSync can be configured for additional signal resilience, mitigating threats with the augmentation of the GNSS source by including encrypted, spoofing resistant, alternative position source Satellite Time and Location (STL), supplied via Iridium satellites. This subscription-based component can be activated if vessel administrators believe GNSS navigation signals have been compromised.

  • Passive Anti Jam antennae systems that prevent on the horizon interference

Additional navigation cyber security resilience can be achieved by including specialist antenna to work alongside the M-SecureSync. The passive Anti-Jam Antenna helps to prevent signal saturation by removing on the horizon interference, both for onshore vessel management buildings or ships near land, by rejecting signals from a lower elevation angle allowing only signals from satellites to be received.

For more information visit Orolia Maritime on Booth 2350 at Seatrade Cruise Global or visit www.oroliamaritime.com.