Innovative new milk drink offers better night’s sleep for travellers

5-8 March 2017, Hotelympia, Excel, London, Stand 3455

First time exhibitor at Hotelympia, Sleep Well, has launched an innovative milk drink that helps travellers relax and sleep.  Perfect for those who struggle to sleep away from home in hotels, and for long haul travellers likely to suffer jetlag, Sleep Well is a long life natural milk drink that can help hotels and carriers ensure the comfort of their customers.

Sleeping in an unfamiliar environment is known to trigger the primeval instinct that puts travellers in a state of alert which can affect ability to sleep. We rely on our sense of smell and hearing when our eyes are closed and are likely to wake up more often to check we are still safe when sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings.  This results in restlessness and poor-quality sleep and is often called ‘the first night effect’.  Once we are used to the hum of the air conditioning, greater or reduced traffic noise and different light levels, we can adjust and sleep becomes easier.  Sleep Well can help reduce the first night effect.

The brainchild of husband and wife team Allan and Sam Watts, the inspiration for Sleep Well came from a restless long-haul flight from Los Angeles to the UK. Designed with travellers in mind, the 200ml “sip & sleep” cartons are perfectly sized for hotel vending machines, mini bars and premium in-flight services.  1 litre options are also available for bulk serve requirements.

Made with only nutritious and natural ingredients associated with helping you relax and get a good night’s sleep, Sleep Well contains pure wholesome Jersey milk, honey and valerian.

Sam Watts comments, “We’ve created a natural solution to a very modern and common problem. We all know it’s really important to make time to relax and calm your body and mind as part of preparing to get a great night’s sleep. But that’s made harder when you are out of routine, adjusting to different time zones or in unfamiliar surroundings.”

“We run our own business, which involves frequent travel, and juggle this with bringing up two teenage boys so we understand the stress and strains that our ‘always-on’ modern life can bring. We recognise the many benefits that result from getting a great night’s sleep.  It makes such a big difference to how you feel and what you can achieve every day – whether you are on holiday or travelling with work.”

Sleep expert, Dr Neil Stanley, says: “Investing in creating a comfortable sleeping environment with fabulous mattresses, pillow menus, quality linen and adjustable air conditioning can help us physically relax. But to get the best night sleep, hotel guests also need to be able to relax their minds. It’s important when staying away from home to try and replicate the bedtime routine as closely as you can. So that means keeping your hotel bedroom as a place to sleep in and making sure you take time to switch off.  That’s where drinking Sleep Well can help.”

Vanilla Sleep Well is available in three packs of 200ml cartons and 1 litre family cartons.  A chocolate version will be available early this year. Delicious drunk warm or cold, Sleep Well is made with whole Jersey milk, from the Jersey cows that live on Sam and Allan’s beautiful Island home.  It enjoys a nine-month shelf life.  Customers simply need to drink Sleep Well thirty minutes before they want to sleep, making it part of their bedtime wind down routine.

For further information about Sleep Well, including tips on how to get a great night’s sleep from Sleep Well’s sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley, visit www.sleepwellmilk.com.