Wookey Hole Witch to perform romantic hand blessing ritual for Valentine’s Day

The Wookey Witch is cooking up a romantic recipe for Valentine’s Day this year. Focusing on love, blessings and commitment, the famous witch will perform her first ever hand blessing ritual in the stunning underground caves.

Lit by candlelight and surrounded by millions of years of untouched history, the underground caves are the perfect setting for this romantic gesture. Bringing a touch of magic to the celebration, the Wookey Witch will perform individual blessing for couples visiting the tourist attraction next week, free of charge.

In any tradition, a hand blessing is a ritual that is meant to draw two people closer together. Hands are considered to be a connection to the heart, and so the hand blessing ceremony symbolically brings two hearts together. The Wookey Witch will perform this blessing for all guests wishing to participate on Friday 14 February 2020, from 11am until 2pm.

The Wookey Witch comments, “Wookey Hole is Somerset’s oldest and biggest attraction, and I’m exciting to bring an extra bit of magic to this romantic celebration. I’m known for having a heart of stone, but I’ll soften it for this one day. We look forward to spreading the love with all our visitors!”

Wookey Hole will open its caves especially for this special Valentine’s Day blessing, so guests wishing to participate should register their interest via the Facebook event (pinned post): www.facebook.com/WookeyHole.

Welcoming over half a million visitors each year, Wookey Hole is renowned for offering guests a unique and memorable experience throughout its historical caves and tours, seasonal events and 20 fantastic attractions within the venue. For more information about Wookey Hole and its famous attractions, please visit www.wookey.co.uk.