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Reasons to love live streaming

With today’s easy to use tech, face-to-face interactions can almost completely be replicated through a screen. So, whilst we are social distancing, the next best thing to meeting physically, is meeting virtually!

Live streaming is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to deliver branded content thanks to the popularity of Instagram Stories, Facebook Live and LinkedIn Live is coming soon too!

Here are some of the reasons we love live streaming:

Audience Interaction

  1. One of the biggest and most important benefits of live streaming is the fact that content is consumed LIVE! Unlike pre-recorded content, you can see and interact with your consumers in real-time, you can make them part of your show! Interaction with your audience is always going to be a positive and live streaming is the perfect way to do this. There is no other forum which can let a customer engage in a direct conversation with the influencer. Q&A sessions whilst live streaming is a great way for businesses to connect with their audience. It is an effective way to tell your brand’s story and to answer the questions your audience really want to know!

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Business Growth

  1. The internet is VAST. A live streaming event gives access to consumers who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to take part if your event. Live streaming holds limitless capabilities, and offers plenty of opportunities for audience growth for your business!

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Wider Audience Potential

  1. Physical events are usually limited to the space available at your chosen venue. Not to mention event costs such as the venue hire and refreshments. With live steaming there are no boundaries to how many people can ‘attend’ your virtual event. Additionally, if your audience isn’t available on the specific time and date, they can still watch it back, when or wherever they are!

Easy Peasy

  1. Live streaming is actually pretty easy, even if you consider yourself a bit of a technophobe. All you need is your laptop or phone, an internet connection and a trusty streaming platform… that’s it! You’re ready to kick off your live streaming event!

Analytics Tracking

  1. It is important for any business to be able to see and evaluate the return on investment from any marketing activity and that includes your live streams. With many video live streaming services, you can see relevant metrics like viewer numbers, engagement and behaviours. No need for expensive tracking tools! This data will allow you to identify, more clearly than any other platform, exactly who is engaging with your brand. This can help you adapt and refine your approach and to create a better content and strategy to grow your audience.

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Mobile Viewing

  1. Customers today view almost half of the available online video content through a mobile device. If you make the most of the opportunities presented by live streaming you are ensuring your viewers can easily access your live stream on their phone, giving them the opportunity to watch it anytime, anywhere! This gives unimaginable capabilities for audience reach and growth, now your audience can quite literally be connected to your business at any point, especially from the easy accessibility of their phone.

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The power of live streaming should not be underestimated! It can be effective and impactful for a whole range of businesses, offering the ability to enhance and maximise direct communications better than ever before. So, what are you waiting for?

Check out this blog on how to produce slick online events if you are ready to take your streaming to the next level!

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