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Amazing apprenticeships at ADPR

What better way to kick start the new year (new decade!) than with a new challenge? At ADPR, we’re big advocates for apprenticeships and we have an amazing opportunity on offer!

We hired our first apprentice way back in 2011. That person was Beki – nine years later she’s still with us, albeit not as an apprentice but as an Account Director 😉 Since then, we’ve had two more (Peter in 2014 and Zak in 2016, who is also still with us), and now we’re on the hunt for our fourth… Could it be you?

In Beki’s words, “The beauty of an apprenticeship is you get real-life, hands-on work experience right from the word go. You’re learning from a highly knowledgeable team who already have many years of experience from across an impressive variety of sectors and industries – which is so invaluable at such an early stage of your career.” And we couldn’t agree more.

We’re passionate about upskilling our team and providing them with the opportunities to develop their careers. From in-house knowledge sharing to industry-recognised international qualifications – our team have done it all. Zak started with completing the PRCA’s Level 4 Higher Diploma in Public Relations when he joined our team.

He adds, “I’ve taken a bit of a unique route in my career. I joined ADPR straight from college and completed my apprenticeship in 2017. I then decided I wanted to study for my degree, so left the agency but returned again last year to further my career in PR, whilst completing my final year at uni. From this experience, I can honestly say that I feel I’ve gained much more from my time as an apprentice than I have as a traditional uni student – the hands-on experience and chance to apply theory in the ‘real’ work world is something that simply isn’t possible with other forms of education. I’ve continued to progress since finishing the apprenticeship and now I feel I’m truly years ahead of where I would be at this point in my career if I had gone away to university at 18.”

And it doesn’t stop there. Since Beki passed her apprenticeship in 2012, she has completed a multitude of qualifications and courses over the years, from the PRCA’s Foundation Public Relations certificate all the way up to the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Level 6 Professional Diploma in Marketing.

Our team also have some incredible opportunities at ADPR – both our apprentices and fully-qualified team. Six months into his apprenticeship, Zak worked in Italy for a week with Fairline Yachts hosting an exclusive sea trial with a group of 10 journalists from around the world. Pete took a group of media over to Ireland for a weekend outdoor event, and Beki has worked with HRH Prince Harry and Walking With The Wounded expeditions, and supported a group of influencers when learning to sail in Barbados!

The team at ADPR is special. We’ve all come through different routes – university, apprenticeships, on the job training – and we continue to learn every day.

Beki concludes, “I wanted to be a part of a fast-paced industry I loved, and that’s what I’ve got – all thanks to my apprenticeship. I’ve got no student debt, got paid as I learnt and am further in my career than I would be otherwise. What’s not to love?!”

If you’d like to be our next apprentice, check out our vacancy details here:

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